NOAS Bylaws


Club Name

This organization shall be known as the Nissan Offroad Association of the Southeast (Here after known as NOAS).



NOAS was organized for Nissan four wheel drive vehicles for the purpose of:

  1. Providing social, educational and recreational activities for its members.
  2. To enjoy and PROTECT the natural resources and support Multiple Use Principles as applies to public lands. NOAS supports the philosophy of “Tread Lightly”. We believe in “Leaving the trail in as good or better condition than we found it”


Membership and Dues
  1. The total number of members shall not be limited at any time.
  2. Memberships and its fees are based on a 365 day year starting upon creation of the membership. All membership creation and renewal dates shall be maintained and made available on the NOAS members’ website. Membership fees will be $24 for the first year and $24 for each renewal year. Payment information shall be made available on the NOAS website.
  3. NOAS reserves the right to refuse any applicant. Applicants may re-apply at a later date. Upon acceptance to NOAS, a completed application plus the appropriate membership fee must be given to the Membership Director or Treasurer or submitted electronically as designated on the membership form on the NOAS website.
  4. Additionally all members must agree to and sign a waiver in order to participate in club events. A waiver will be made available upon membership creation and must be mailed to the current membership coordinator before the membership will officially be recognized. Current members may also be asked to sign the waiver upon renewal of their membership or a change in the waiver.
  5. A new individual waiver must be signed by all members yearly to remain current and up to date.
  6. Additional NOAS funds will be raised by donations, fund-raisers or club functions.
  7. An approved membership will receive one NOAS sticker and access to the members’ area of the NOAS website. Members may also be eligible for other discounts and promotion from NOAS sponsors and vendors. All other expenses shall be the sole responsibly of the individual member.


Rides and Functions
  1. NOAS will hold both public and member only runs planned though out the year.
  2. Said runs will be posted for the full calendar year for planning purposes by the second week in January.
  3. Overnight rides (Major Rides) shall be planned and announced no less than 60 days in advance of the ride. Only NOAS officers may plan or announce any official NOAS sponsored event.
  4. Smaller day rides may also be organized by the officers or club members with the permission of the officers
  5. Members are welcome to meet for unplanned runs or runs with other organizations however at no point shall the NOAS name be used in such events.
  6. Member only rides must be announced 60 days in advance and kept off of public forums.
  7. Non Nissan participants at any public ride must be kept at 1:10 ratio.
  8. any member or non-member planning to attend an event (even as a guest of a NOAS member) in anything other than a nissan must be approved by the officers or the general membership in advance of the event in order to participate.
  9. Paid NOAS members in current good standing with NOAS may attend NOAS organized runs and choose to participate in vehicles other than their Nissan provided they have participated in at least one NOAS run in the previous 12 months with their Nissan. A officer must be notified in order for it to be discussed to ensure it falls under the above provision.
  10. Individual situations that are not covered by the above provisions will be considered and handled on a case by case basis deemed appropriate by the officers of the club.
  11. Any Nissan owner/potential member may participate in one run without becoming a member. It is expected that before or at the 2nd run that person will pay membership dues.


Administration of Officers

The officers of NOAS shall be President, Treasurer, Secretary/Membership Coordinator, Event Coordinators and Technical Coordinator:. One officer may handle more than one position.

Duties of the Officers will be as follows:

President: Member relations, PR, assisting the Other officers in promoting the club when necessary, acting as an objective medium when a problem arises. Overall leadership for the Club as a whole.

Secretary/Membership Coordinator: Keep track of all club paperwork (membership applications, etc).

  1. Take in new membership through paypal, email, and snail mail....(**)
  2. Send new member and online purchased stickers out
  3. Update web site data base with new member information
  4. Receive/answer all membership questions from interested parties.
  5. Direct new memebers on how to login/get access to the various forums
  6. Help treasurer during membership March each, who has paid, who needs to be deleted....

(**)with all membership being renewed in March of each year new memeberships taken in throughout the year are prorated at $2 a month to keep them current until the next March.

Treasurer: Be responsible for all club monies (whether acquired via membership dues, sponsorship or sale of club merchandise), collecting membership dues, keep track of bank account and paypal.

Event Coordinators: Coordinate and plan events, coordinate with club members to determine where and when to hold an event, coordinate with the OHV areas to announce our arrival and make sure it is OK. Also, coordinate the T-shirts/stickers for each event. There will be two event coordinators to equally spread out the responsibilities for said office.

Technical coordinator: Keep the website updated and running smoothly. Keep the NOAS message boards moderated and administered properly and responsibly. Promote the website.

The term of an officer would be 2 years and would be voted on at the Fall run. An officer is Eligible for 2 terms in any office. If an officer is deemed to not be doing their duties, then the officers as a group would need to vote as to whether or not to replace said officer. Benefit of Being an officer of NOAS is lifetime membership in the club. elections are to be held in odd-years In the event an officer is placed in said position due to previous officer resigning or any other senerio prior to a full term, the "interim" time of the term does not count as part of the 2 term limit, unless it happens in an odd-year AFTER elections of that year.


Expenditures and Finances
  1. All moneys received from all sources shall be immediately turned over to the treasurer for deposit into an account of NOAS.
  2. No withdrawal from the account shall be made without the approval of the Officers.
  3. All expenditures shall be documented by the treasurer and made available to members upon request.


  1. All NOAS members will conduct themselves in a respectable, mature, and orderly manner at all club activities as well as on the NOAS messageboard Forum.
  2. No illegal activities of any kind shall be tolerated at any NOAS function.
  3. NOAS supports the philosophy of “Tread Lightly”. When trail riding, it will be our intent to “Leave the trail in as good or better condition than we found it”.
  4. No derisive actions against any one will be tolerated in person or on the NOAS messageboard Forum. This is to include any and all clubs and persons.
  5. NOAS members are responsible for their guests.
  6. Any member found not abiding by the By-Laws of NOAS is subject to disciplinary action. NOAS officers and members reserve the right to contact local police to report/remove any member found to be violating any state of federal law. NOAS reserves the right to refuse admission to the club or to revoke Membership at any time.


  1. The By-Laws of NOAS will be reviewed and/or updated by the officers each January
  2. The By-Laws of NOAS may be amended at any time by a two-third (2/3) majority vote of the members. Due to the vast geographic variance of our members, voting may take place online or at a NOAS event with a majority of members attending.