Thank you for your interest in joining NOAS!

We collect dues on a yearly basis $24 per year. Dues are due every March. If you join during the year, it will be prorated at $2 a month. With your subscription, you will receive:

  • Access to the Members Area of the website which contains NOAS Run Info, Classifieds, Detailed Member Information, Local Wheeling Locations, and much more.
  • High quality die-cut vinyl NOAS Window Sticker guaranteed not to fade up to 10 years.

Everyone is welcome - we only have two requirements - you have to drive a Nissan and you must attend at least one of the NOAS sponsored events yearly!

NOAS membership is done once a year in March. If it is not March and you wish to become a new member, you are still welcome to join, and rates are prorated.

To join NOAS, please email the NOAS Membership Coordinator with the following information: 

Name, Your Nissan Vehicle, Username on the Forum, Where you are located, and Contact Information.

Lastly, submit your Paypal Membership Payment to: (if by other payment, please mention in the membership email)


If you are a current member renewing your membership, please contact our NOAS Membership Coordinator with the subject NOAS MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL, and submit your Paypal Membership Payment to:  (if by other payment, please mention in the membership email)