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About Us



The Nissan Offroad Association of the Southeast is celebrating its 21st year of gathering Nissan off-road enthusiasts in a mutual interest - spending way too much money on our vehicles and taking them to the trails to break them again. We’ve grown

over the years (our waistlines and tire sizes included), but our core values remain the same. This year, we built upon the previous years’ charter to better serve the club.
While NOAS has traditionally been a Nissan owners club, all OHV owners will continue to be welcome to join. We put an emphasis on finding great friends
to join the NOAS family. The best of times are spent around a campfire or on the trail with people who genuinely love off-roading and the great outdoors.
With a legacy now spanning two decades, events today feel more like family reunions and we aim to preserve this.

We hold ourselves personally responsible for the environment we come into contact with at off-road parks and national forests. In the spirit of that responsibility, we are working to positively impact the land by orchestrating trail clean-up events and
by treading as lightly as reasonably possible. These actions are necessary to allow us to enjoy the land for many more years to come.

Finally, we want our trips to be safe and enjoyable for all. NOAS must therefore prohibit alcohol to be consumed on the trail by drivers or spotters, as well as by anyone under the legal drinking age. As this is an honor system, NOAS asks that each
member follows this policy for everyone’s safety. If a member or guest breaks this policy, there will be a friendly reminder given. A second reminder will result in the member or guest being uninvited to future NOAS-sponsored runs.
Our board members, past and present, have worked incredibly hard to make sure that you, the member, are able to continue to enjoy club events. We take this responsibility very seriously and we vow to continue this work.


Your 2022 NOAS Board:
Dylan Walker - President
Jed Grant - Vice President

Gavin Dennis - Treasurer/Membership Coordinator
Zach Wilkinson - Social Media Coordinator
Josh Connors - Technical Coordinator

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