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Freeze Your Nutz Off Run - Windrock Park February 2022

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

The annual Freeze Your Nutz Off Run turned out to be a great weekend of wheeling and fun with a great group of friends. Getting to the cabins turned out to be interesting for a couple of us that arrived on Thursday afternoon. Oliver Springs received several inches of rain during the last 24 hours causing the main road into Windrock Park to flood. A minor detour and we were ready for the weekend.

By Friday morning most of the group had arrived and we set out on Trail 16. The first part of the trail was challenging for most of the group with muddy hill climbs. About half was through the trail we hit a muddy down hill section and we knew that we would not be able to make it back up without winching everyone up the hill. We got to the last section of the trail where there was a large hill climb. In the previous years of running this trail this was a major obstacle that caused several broken front axle shafts and body damage. The area had been logged soon after we last went down this trail 2 years ago and the trail had been cleaned up by the logging company. This made the bypass a lot easier and most of us made it up without winching. Several of the larger SAS'd trucks took the hard line. After making it up this section we thought we were almost done. Soon after we hit a large muddy hill that required almost all of us to winch up. We made it off the trail 10 hours after we started.

Saturday a couple of more people showed up and we had about 13 trucks in our group. We decided to take it easy and stick to some easier trails to make sure that we got back to the cabins before dinner time.

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